Tasmanian Elopement – Lisa & Kane

Lisa & Kane. Thank you so much for including me in your incredible Tasmanian elopement! I love Tasmania for so many reasons. It’s pristine wilderness, it’s incredible coastlines, the stunning wildlife, it’s wild & unpredictable weather. But it’s story’s like Lisa & Kane’s that keep me coming back here. Long distance lovers flying back and forth between New Zealand and Australia for what I know from my own story feels like an eternity till they settled on Australia as their home, (for now at least). I love photographing incredible elopements all over Australia and I’ve put together a list of incredible places to elope for anyone planning an elopement. This beautiful venue is one I’ve been lucky enough to photograph at before. Joel & Bec Eloped here in spectacular intimate style a year earlier and I was blessed to be one of the very few people to witness it. This Tasmanian elopement had so many beautiful touches from the stunning rings they had made by The Village Goldsmith, to Lisa & Kane choosing who would do their vows first using a chatterbox. Lisa absolutely rocked her dress from Grace Loves Lace and Kane looked insanely dapper, fresh out of a freezing cold winter swim in the ocean… But also rocking an epic corduroy jacket and some super tasty boots. We jumped fences and snuck into some beautiful fields nearby for an amazing first dance to Ships by Nick Cave while the golden light danced between the blades of dry grass before we popped some champagne in a little lakebed covered in red moss that’s just still boggling my mind. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere but Tasmania. As usual it’s probably time I stopped rambling and let you see the pictures. Enjoy. Tasmanian Elopement Tasmanian ElopemenTasmanian Elopemen Tasmanian Elopement Tasmanian Elopemen Tasmanian ElopemenTasmanian ElopementTasmanian Elopemen Tasmanian ElopemenTasmanian ElopementTasmanian ElopementTasmanian ElopementTasmanian ElopementTasmanian ElopementTasmanian ElopementTasmanian ElopemenTasmanian Elopemen To see more shoots like this Tasmanian Elopement try clicking here, here or here. To see the last elopement I shot at this beautiful property click here.

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