This is the part where I’m supposed to give you my spiel on why my list of southern highlands wedding vendors is the best. Why you need to find your “perfect fit.” You’re goldilocks and the Southern Highlands wedding vendors have left their porridge out for you to taste.

      There’s a lot of cliche’s in the wedding world that I usually want to throw up hearing. “perfect day”, “magical” I can feel like acid climbing in my stomach as I say them and look, I’ll confess I’ve been guilty of using them as much as any one else. But I feel like posts like this are super important to write. For a few big reasons.

      Number 1. Pretty much every list of the top southern highlands wedding vendors, or anywhere else for that matter. Is a list of vendors who’ve paid for the privilege of being on the list. Places are sold off to the highest bidder. And that doesn’t mean that the people who are paying for those spots aren’t necessarily the best. They might be.

      But I think it’s important to put together a list of my personal favourite Southern Highlands wedding vendors that I personally have experienced and love working with. No one’s paying to be here. No one’s here without earning it by their quality of work, and their genuine attitude to serve their couples and make your wedding day the “just right” porridge you always dreamed it would be.

      Wedding Venues –

      First stop on your shopping list is probably going to be picking out your venue. The Southern Highlands plays host to some of the most insanely beautiful wedding venues anywhere in the world. Epic manor houses & Estate homes, beautiful barns, rolling hills and lakes, Pine forests, the works. The Southern Highlands is such a wildly gorgeous place that transports you to another world. (Argh I’m getting cliche again) It’s just one of those places I guess.

      I’ve put together an in depth list of my top 25 Southern Highlands Wedding Venues if you’re after a big list but for now I’ll just drop my top favourites here.

      1. Bendooley Estate
      2. Montrose House
      3. Jaspers Brush
      4. Wombat Hollow
      5. Wildwood

      southern highlands wedding vendors

      A good venue goes a LONG way, wedding venues in the southern highlands often have so much beauty already included in them that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money on decorations because the location and the styling choices already included in the venue mean your work is mostly done. The downside of a venue that is heavily styled already is that you’re likely going to have a fairly similar looking wedding to everyone else who’s got married there. Choose a venue which is a bit more bare bones and allows you to decorate and style the way you’d like to is going to give you a lot more options to make it your own.

      Churches / Chapels –

      The Southern Highlands has some beautiful old church buildings to choose from if you’re having your ceremony at a different location from your reception. Typically it is my recommendation that in a beautiful location like the Southern Highlands you should opt for an outdoor ceremony. There’s plenty of reasons you might opt for a beautiful old church ceremony for your wedding day.

      A big tip if you are having your ceremony outdoors in the Southern Highlands please, please do yourself a favour and pick a shaded area for your ceremony where the light is pouring through the leaves from behind you. (Aimed at your guests faces) You do NOT want dappled light hitting your faces, making you squint while you’re trying to say your vows.

      southern highlands wedding vendors

      1. St Francis Xavier Catholic Church Berrima
      2. Saint Jude’s, Bowral
      3. St Patricks Catholic Church, Sutton Forest

      southern highlands wedding vendors

      Photographers –

      Can we be honest for a moment? I’d like that. Would you like that? Photography is quite subjective. The best southern highlands wedding photographer is not something that can really be awarded to anyone. There’s some amazing photographers who work this region and some absolutely wonderful people in this field that I’m blessed to call friends. Choosing a wedding photographer is going to be one of the biggest choices as you make as you set on on acquiring your list of epic southern highlands wedding vendors. It’s quite a personal decision and there are so many different styles to choose from.

      Something that perhaps get under-stressed in a lot of conversations about who the best photographer for you, is their personality on the day, not just their photos. Your photographer (and videographer) will be with you probably all day. They have closer access to you on the day than your bridal party does. You want someone who’s energy matches yours. Who you feel really comfortable with. If you’re not going to survive with a really shy, quiet photographer gently suggesting things for you to do then book a photographer who’s a bit more energy. But by that token. If you’re not fans of having a photographer yelling at the top of their lungs, who’s an excitable chihuahua, bouncing off the walls all day. You might want to find someone who’s a bit more mellow. There’s no right answer for this sort of thing, you just need to meet your photographer before you lock them in and make sure they’re the kind of person you’d want to invite to your wedding anyway.

      James Day – The Master (Taught me pretty much everything I know)

      Alex Olguin – Moody & Dark, warmer colour palate

      Joshua Mikhaiel – It’s me! (Shameless plug)

      Brendan Woods Photo – Clean & crisp, editorial class meets photojournalism

      We Are Origami Photo Medium format film deliciousness. (If you don’t know what medium format film is, check their work out it’s beautiful)



      1. Bloom films
      2. La Lune Cinema
      3. Til’ Death Do us Party



      1. Fox Glove Flora 
      2. Little Bird Bloom
      3. Paper & Petals


      Event Hire

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