Simi Valley Wedding

Brianna & Jordan, You just pulled off the must stunning Simi Valley wedding ever! You know what not just Simi Valley, most stunning wedding anywhere in California, anywhere in the world right now. I don’t know who’s going to try and take your crown. But this wedding was absolutely wild. Every little detail of this wedding blew me away. Hummingbird Nest Ranch played host to this incredibly romantic affair. They actually won best outdoor Venue in Santa Barbara, Ventura area in 2019 which is no easy feat. Nestled in the Santa Susana Mountains around half hour from L.A. This gorgeous ranch boast a huge array of spaces for outdoor ceremonies and multiple reception spaces. Filled with Spanish styled architecture and looking out over the mountains this place was the perfect setting for this stunning Simi Valley Wedding. Few other highlights worth noting. Brianna wowed everyone with not 1 but 2 gorgeous wedding dresses on the day. The first beautiful long sleeve lace gown was from Lihi Hod & her party dress for the dance floor was an incredibly beautiful two-piece by Grace loves lace. The insanely beautiful flowers by Siren Floral Co, who just deserve such a huge shoutout. They did an incredible job. Brianna’s hair pieces were by Untamed Petals. At this time of the year I normally gear up to prepare a big end of year post with my highlights and favourite images from the year gone by… But then I realised this wedding has been sitting on the shelf all year and probably was the photographic highlight of my year. I’m incredibly thankful to Brianna and Jordan for not just this wedding day but the trip that came about because of it. My first time to America and so many incredible experiences that came with that. Since this wedding I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings in Colorado, Portland, Seattle, Hawaii, Illinois & Even Alaska as well as back in L.A. again. This wedding felt like an absolute fairytale to me. From the location to the inexhaustible list of attractive people involved starting off with the couple themselves.. Brianna is a full time model which makes sense the second you see her face, and if we’re honest Jordan probably could be a model as well. The vows as well.. from these too.. had me in tears.. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such beautiful vows. I’ll include them further down in the post because they were incredible.  Anyway I could go on and on about this wedding but I think it’s better to just show you the photos. Enjoy – JM 2016-07-14_0001 2016-07-14_0003 2016-07-14_0004 2016-07-14_0005 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0008 2016-07-14_0009 2016-07-14_0010 2016-07-14_0011 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0014 2016-07-14_0015 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0017 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0020 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0022 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0028 2016-07-14_0029 2016-07-14_0030 2016-07-14_0031 2016-07-14_0032 2016-07-14_0033 2016-07-14_0034 2016-07-14_0035 2016-07-14_0036 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0038 2016-07-14_0039 2016-07-14_0040 2016-07-14_0041 2016-07-14_0042 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0044 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0047 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0053 2016-07-14_0054 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0056 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0058 2016-07-14_0059 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0061 2016-07-14_0062 2016-07-14_0063 2016-07-14_0064 2016-07-14_0065 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0067 2016-07-14_0068 2016-07-14_0069 2016-07-14_0070 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0072 2016-07-14_0073 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0076 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0078 2016-07-14_0080 Jordans Vows: “My love, there’s not much I can say about you, your heart, and your spirit that everyone doesn’t already know. Everyone that has ever been graced by your presence knows how honestly caring and kind you are. Everyone knows of the love that you have for each and every person you meet. People know how you would drive around with lunch bags while out on castings for work to give to the homeless people you came across, or your huge heart for people with special needs. People see and recognise the way you interact with others, your infectious laugh, and your extremely humble spirit. People obviously know how extremely gorgeous you are. But Brianna, there are things only I know about you, things in our relationship that have brought us where we are now. All of those other things are part of what makes you special and are why everyone loves you, but I love you for so much more than that. I love you for who you are to ME. You are my support and best friend. I want to thank you for being that. I want to thank you for being a true light in my life and an example of God’s love. You shine so bright Brianna. God has created you to do amazing things, and now you and I are partners through life. And just as iron sharpens iron, it’s your and my responsibility to lift each other up. I believe in us. I believe wholeheartedly that God made you for me, and me for you. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I believe that marriage is good. I believe that marriage is special, and I believe that marriage lasts. I’m confident that the same amazing God that brought us together will keep us together. The same love that we share at this very moment will be the same love that we share forever. I promise to do my part in that. I stand here today promising to grow old with you. But more than that, I promise to remain young with you. I promise to always play Wii with you, or one-on-one beer pong in the backyard with you. I promise to always stand up for you and to protect you with all that I am. I promise to always keep copying whatever you do, because not only do I love you, but also I look up to you. I trust you, and admire everything about you. I simply ask that you continue to love me as much as you love everyone on this earth. But above that, I ask that you continue loving the Lord the way you do. I genuinely thank God for you and always will. I love you, and at this very moment there is nowhere else I’d rather be than promising my forever to you.” 2016-07-14_0081 2016-07-14_0082 2016-07-14_0083 2016-07-14_0084 2016-07-14_0085 2016-07-14_0086 Brianna’s Vows: “I knew I wanted to marry you right after meeting you. I’ll never forget coming home after the night we first met. I immediately called Maddie and said, “I love him. I’m going to marry him.” I was so excited. I remember feeling complete for the first time. My soul had found its match. From that moment I never wanted to imagine a world where you weren’t in it. We grew up two minutes away from each other, and somehow never met. It took a whole 6,000 miles for us to meet. You’re my real life fairytale. We became best friends instantly. You’re truly my best friend. You’re the one I laugh with, cry with, dance in the kitchen with, and dream with. You’re my person, and I’m yours. I’ve never gotten sick of being with you. No amount of time ever feels like enough. Everything I do, and everywhere I go, I want you with me. Everything’s better when we’re together. I get to travel the world and see so many beautiful places, but my favourite place to be is home with you. You make me feel like I can do anything. You truly believe I can do all things. You make me feel beautiful and funny. You even think I am a good singer, which is how I know you really do love me. I found myself when I found you. You’ve changed my life in so many ways, and I am forever grateful for the person I’ve become with you. I promise to let you talk about fall until my ears bleed. I promise to not only forever love you, but forever like you as well. I promise to never go to bed angry. I promise to always be your biggest fan. I promise to watch football with you because I know you love it. I promise to learn how to communicate better. Even though I don’t like it, I promise to wear my hair pulled back tight because I know how much you love it. I promise to keep you young, and continue to push you outside of your comfort zone. I promise to never give up on our love, or us because I know we have that special kind of love. I promise to love you for the rest of my days. “Across the years I will walk with you, in deep green forests, on shores of sand, and when our time on earth is through, in heaven too you will have my hand.” 2016-07-14_0087 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0091 2016-07-14_0092 2016-07-14_0093 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0095 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0097 2016-07-14_0098 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0100 2016-07-14_0101 2016-07-14_0103 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0105 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0108 2016-07-14_0109 2016-07-14_0110 2016-07-14_0111 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0113 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0115 2016-07-14_0116 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0119 2016-07-14_0120 2016-07-14_0121 2016-07-14_0122 2016-07-14_0123 2016-07-14_0124 2016-07-14_0125 2016-07-14_0126 2016-07-14_0127 2016-07-14_0128 2016-07-14_0129 2016-07-14_0130 2016-07-14_0131 2016-07-14_0132 2016-07-14_0133 2016-07-14_0134 2016-07-14_0135 2016-07-14_0136 2016-07-14_0138 2016-07-14_0139 Silos_estate_wedding_photographer_0361 Silos_estate_wedding_photographer_03622016-07-14_0141 2016-07-14_0142 2016-07-14_0143 2016-07-14_0144 2016-07-14_0145 2016-07-14_0146 2016-07-14_0147 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0149 2016-07-14_0150 2016-07-14_0151 2016-07-14_0152 2016-07-14_0153 simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0155 2016-07-14_0156 2016-07-14_0157 2016-07-14_0158 2016-07-14_0159 2016-07-14_0160 2016-07-14_0161 2016-07-14_0162 2016-07-14_0163 2016-07-14_0164 2016-07-14_0165 simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding simi valley wedding 2016-07-14_0170 2016-07-14_0171 Also this video by Will from City on Film is a must watch!

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  1. Lots of photographers scoff at saying they dont move the dress or place it somewhere, but the shot you have done of the dress looking through the archways is testament to why it can be just so cool. I’m pretty sure any bride would be happy to have an amazing shot like this! What an amazing story, every pictures is brilliant 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! Would be be able to ask the bride where she got her beautiful dress?


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