Redleaf Wollombi has got to be one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Australia. I have photographed hundreds of weddings at some pretty insanely beautiful places around this incredible country and a few others. And honestly there’s not a lot of places that transport you quite as perfectly as Redleaf Wollombi. Each time I’ve photographed at Redleaf Wollombi there’s been some crazy weather and I’m not sure if it’s just a wild spot that pays no heed to the weather or it’s just been my luck. Angie & Adam’s Redleaf Wollembi wedding was my first wedding here. And it was HOT when I arrived. Nathan Kaso was shooting the video for the day and he chose to wear shorts for the occasion and we had a lengthy chat about his wisdom in doing so as we sweated our way down the driveway carrying our gear. As only Redleaf Wollombi can do we then experienced the humidity shoot up like a rocket to around 4000% before an afternoon thunderstorm which caused a blackout of the entire Wollombi valley. Which made things pretty interesting for the poor DJ crew who helplessly sat by unable to fire up their vintage record players. The poor kitchen staff running around in the dark trying to prepare food and serve drinks. What I love about wet weather or any sort of mild catastrophe at a wedding is the way people respond. The way everyone bands together to create beauty out of chaos. I’m absolutely captivated by the human spirit and how well we come together under trial. It’s so beautiful to watch. Some beautiful elements of this at Angie & Adams wedding was a few of their guests running to their cars which for some reason had a few rolls of battery powered fairy lights in them. Someone ran and grabbed an acoustic guitar and started singing with everyone to set the mood now the record player couldn’t fire up anymore. People lit up their dinner & speeches with phone torches so they could see. Perhaps my personal favourite was Angie & Adams first dance with Adam holding a Makita battery powered worksite radio on his shoulder. Wedding’s like these are the one’s you can never forget and that remind you how beautiful love is, in all of its fragility and unpredictability. Just like a wedding day and the weather. Love can’t ever fully be tamed, predicted or controlled. It’s beautiful because it is wild.

Redleaf Wollombi Wedding

Redleaf wedding Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Redleaf wollombi Things were kicking off outside while the sun went down. And then the rain hit. Thunder, lightening, the whole shebang. everyone rushed inside and about 2 minutes after we made it inside lightening took out a power pole down the road and cut power to the entire valley around Redleaf wollembi. The light was a lot darker than it looks in some of these photos. Thank goodness for modern Cameras which can pretty much see in the dark. I’ve you’re loving this wedding you should definitely take a few moments to watch the gorgeous film my friend Nathan Kaso made of the day. It’s always such a treat to work with other talented creatives and Nathan is one of my favourite videographers. Enjoy the film below. If you’re considering having your own wedding at Redleaf Wollombi and want to reach out to chat. I would absolutely love any and every chance to get back there and photograph more gorgeous weddings. The Wollombi valley has a bunch of other really beautiful venues I love as well if you’re considering other spots in the hunter I definitely recommend you look through the valley first. It’s jam packed with hidden goodies.

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