What an absolute treat it was to be invited to share in David & Emma’s incredibly beautiful Jaspers Brush wedding. Huge shoutout to James Day for inviting me in to help out with shooting this wedding with him. David & Emma are such a wonderful couple and their wedding day was absolutely stunning in every way.

Jaspers brush is one of the most sought after south coast wedding venues for a huge list of reasons. The location is second to none, it’s got incredible on site accomodation and provides one of the most comprehensive luxury wedding experience on a small enough property that you don’t have to leave the site for photos or anything else.

Nestled in the greenest and arguably most quaint section of the NSW south coast. Conveniently located just outside of the beautiful township of Berry, Jaspers is less than an hours drive from Wollongong CBD. Still within reach of Sydney Jaspers Brush is perfect for couples looking to escape the big smoke for a bit more of a country wedding without diminishing any of the class of an elegant city wedding.

Everything about this venue is curated to perfection from the structures themselves to the styling. Every piece is stunning and timeless. The level of detail really blows you away. The owners have so many precious antique pieces out on display I’m honestly surprised they let people who’ve had a glass of champagne anywhere near their property.

The venue itself boast a gorgeous bridal saloon for getting ready photos, which they accurately describe as a bespoke suite of rooms, decorated with touches of vintage Hollywood Regency. On top of this 10 gorgeous guest rooms and an organic day spa right in the centre mean that you’ll have plenty of room for you and your bridal to get away for the weekend in complete indulgence. Speaking of the local area if you’ve not been lucky enough to eat a hot doughy doughnut from the Berry Donut Van, do your self a favour. It doesn’t matter if you’re not hungry. It’s just something you need to try. Emma & David’s Jaspers Brush wedding was my first wedding to have donuts that were actually from the berry donut van. Sadly, they were cold by the time we ate them. I managed to hold back my tears and put back a few of them, don’t worry. Jaspers brush WeddingJaspers brush Wedding The property itself its absolutely insane. The drive towards Jaspers Brush is through beautiful green rolling hills and dairy farming country along the coast. But tucked away in the middle of these huge open fields sits a little lush green oasis of huge oak trees and beautiful hedges and vines. A section of Japanese gardens complete with a ton of huge Koi Carp swimming beneath the surface. Every little plant and sculpture is expertly curated and it feels like you’ve been transported into another world. Jaspers brush WeddingJaspers brush WeddingJaspers brush Wedding One of most epic features of this venue is the amazing ceremony site. The Colour palette is amazing, the lighting is amazing, the backdrop is amazing. It’s also got a nice amount of space on the sides for your photography & videography team to run around and get all the angles without getting in anyones way. (Being able to sneak around behind the hedge is amazing as it doesn’t distract the guests.) Jaspers brush weddingJaspers brush weddingJaspers brush WeddingJaspers brush weddingJaspers brush WeddingJaspers brush WeddingJaspers brush Weddingjaspers brush weddingJaspers brush wedding To see more of my favourite south Coast Weddings click here. If the Southern Highlands is more your speed I’ve listed my favourite Southern Highlands wedding venues here as well. If you’re in need of any advise planning your own Jaspers Brush Wedding I’d love to hear from you. Jaspers Brush is one of my absolute favourite wedding venue’s on the South Coast

Jaspers Brush Wedding | Berry

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