“Don’t let your wedding photos grow up to be jpegs.” – Jonas Peterson

      Please, print your photos. Don’t leave them on their USB sitting gathering dust. Printing your photos makes them come alive. You can feel and hold them in your hands. Take them off the wall and stare at them. Pick them up of the coffee table and flick through them.

      I always tell me clients please, please, please… print your photos. I don’t care if you get an album from me or you make it yourselves. Just please print your photos. With that said. I truly believe the albums I get made for my clients are the nicest albums you’ll ever see and I absolutely love putting together these books for my couples. I just did this stunning book for the wedding I photographed in Switzerland last year. Sandra & Jonathan are from different countries and I wanted to showcase that so I made a custom cover for their book with a world map with little flags in Switzerland for Sandra and a flag in South Africa for Jonathan. There’s a little dotted line between the two countries tracing the journey that brought them together. I wanted to make something different and personal for them. Not just to stamp their name and wedding date onto the front cover. The guys I use to print albums will make absolutely anything possible for your album cover if you like. I often use a couples logo from their wedding invitations or something from their stationary to put on the album to keep the continuity going. Anyway here’s (most) of the spreads from their album and a bunch of photos of the book itself.

      Fine art photo books Fine art photo books wedding album leather cover emboss album cover emboss wedding album fine art wedding album 2016-06-30_0007 2016-06-30_0008 2016-06-30_0009 wedding albums 2016-06-30_0011 2016-06-30_0012 2016-06-30_0013 2016-06-30_0014 2016-06-30_0015 2016-06-30_0016 2016-06-30_0017 2016-06-30_0018 swiss wedding album 2016-06-30_0020 2016-06-30_0021 2016-06-30_0022 2016-06-30_0023 2016-06-30_0024 2016-06-30_0025 2016-06-30_0026 2016-06-30_0027 2016-06-30_0028 2016-06-30_0029 lake geneva wedding 2016-06-30_0031 2016-06-30_0032 2016-06-30_0033 2016-06-30_0034 2016-06-30_0035 2016-06-30_0036 2016-06-30_0037 2016-06-30_0038

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