I love being invited into peoples homes to tell their stories. Raw unabridged with as much truth and honesty as you would share your life with those closest to you. I love to capture real moments rather than put on matching white T-shirts and head to the park. There’s so much vibrance and love within the family home itself. There’s really not much need to ever leave and while I shot the Henderson family we really only went out very briefly to pick up some baking supplies and caffeine.

These guys are just some of the most gracious and wonderful people you could ever hope to meet and I’m so thankful to know them and so grateful to have been invited into their lives to tell their story. Enjoy the photos. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a relaxed time while documenting life. These guys went all out with delicious food and family time. With a talent show from their amazing children and plenty of baking and time around a version of Monopoly I had not yet been introduced to. Anyway. Enjoy the images and maybe I’ll come to your house one day soon and tell your family story.

Here is the text I got from Bryan when he saw the photos. “Thankyou for your time and investment into my family!!! you have perfectly captured our family and these photos will be cherished for the rest of our lives!!! We love you and have no words to express our gratitude!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Thank You!!”

(As always this post is best enjoyed with headphones in and your volume turned to 11.. or.. 6 if you’re using the old scale)

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A real Day in The Life, great stuff.

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By far, some of the best photo journaling i have ever seen! Gorgeous fam. too!

I’ve never had any compulsion to shoot family portraits before as I am not a fan of the posed, everything is perfect, look that you see on most photographers websites. This set of images has inspired me to take the same documentary approach that I have with the rest of my photography, and apply it to family portraits. Fantastic work.

I am with Glen. Exceptional, refreshing, I want to live in that family as a kid!!

Wow are they for real??? 🙂 Inspiring. So beautifully captured.

amazing. absolutely amazing 🙂

This is amazing!! I love everything about this. Love the details, the real life interaction. Your work is breathtaking!

I think I know where you inspired from for this. But man….you NAILED this. What an incredible set of images!

Dude, this is next-level amazing. Loved every image!

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