Carriageworks wedding enquiries always send my heart a flutter. It’s such a gorgeous venue with amazing light and crazy beautiful textures. And more often than not amazing people having an epic celebration.

It was an absolute treat it was to be a part of this wedding. Alyssa and Glen are just incredible people and the moment I met them and heard what they were planning I was hanging out for their wedding day to happen. So much style so much grace… It really did all fall into place… from the incredible dress by Mandy Nichols who isn’t just mates with Hugh Jackman but makes costumes for all the big movies from The Great Gatsby to the Wolverine Films and everything in between, to the amazing styling of the ceremony at the Carriageworks, the wonderful bridal party outfits, incredible food.

I find many Sydney wedding venue’s can all feel the same, large function centre halls with not much character unless you go wild with the decorations. Located in Redfern close to the heard of Sydney, the Carriage works is one of the rare venues in Sydney that carries so much character and charm with it that you really don’t need a lot of decorating to make it look incredible. From the rustic brickwork and the high ceilings and exposed wooden beams. Built in the late 1800’s there’s plenty of incredible old world charm to enjoy. There’s also a beautiful bar inside the venue which the guests can hangout at while you’re having some photos against the walls and huge train doors outside.

It just ticked all the boxes photographically. But personally too, I think there was just so much joy evident in the celebration and so many moments that I just felt so so thankful that I get to do this for a job. I’m always humbled to be invited into people’s special day. But even more so weddings like this one. And of course it was a huge privilege to shoot photos alongside the best videographer in the country right now Teppo Haapoja from Heart Visuals. Check his incredible video at the bottom of the post.

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Thankyou Alyysa and Glenn for inviting me to be part of this truly epic Carriageworks Wedding

Glenn + Alyssa // Sydney, Australia from Heart Visuals on Vimeo.

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