Brisbane Wedding photographers are everywhere! Especially on google. Which is presumably how you were transported here. But not all wedding photographers are created equal. Unfortunately google also has no taste when it comes to wedding photography. It’s much more concerned with backlinks and code and how fast a website is than how good the photos are. Or even how fun that photographer will be to have at your wedding.

      This list promises nothing but the best Brisbane wedding photographers, suitable for everyone from the lactose free bride who can’t stand cheesy pictures. To the carnivorous, Hilux driving groom, who just wants a wedding photographer who’s going to have a beer with him at the end of the night. (After taking 100’s of epic photos of course)

      Let me introduce you to the sometimes hard to find. But always worth the hunt; best wedding photographers in Brisbane.

      The Best Brisbane Wedding Photographers

      Todd Hunter McGaw

      Todd is like the Mr Miyagi for Brisbane wedding photographers. He & his wife Alyda have been around the wedding photography circuit for about 50 years. But are still somehow as fresh as ever. They were genuinely some of the first photographers I looked up to when I bought my first camera… Like 10 years ago! They were killing it back then and they are absolutely still the best in the game now.

      Brisbane Wedding PhotographersBrisbane Wedding Photographers

      Cassandra Ladru

      Another one of my absolute favourite wedding photographers. Cassandra’s work is so effortless and just downright delicious. It’s beautiful editorial style mixes seamlessly with photojournalism to bring you a perfectly timeless combination for your wedding photos.

      Brisbane Wedding Photographers

      Ben Sowry

      Another wildly talented Brisbane wedding photographer, Ben Sowry just brings so much to the table. His images are on the darker, moodier side than most and I feel like there’s a powerful stillness to his editing style. You can sense his inquisitiveness and connection to every moment he captures. I personally am always moved by his images. I know for a fact he’s the kind of guy who will (actually has) driven from Brisbane to Sydney overnight after his flight was cancelled to make sure he was there to capture a wedding.

      Brisbane wedding photographers

      Janneke Storm

      Hailing from South Africa originally and bringing her gifts to Australia since 2000, Janneke storm is absolutely worthy of a spot in the top 10 Brisbane wedding photographers. She’s been shooting insanely good work for a long time and straddles fashion and wedding photography. Making her one of the most well rounded photographers going around. I have loved Janneke’s work for a long time and she’s someone I often send couples too if I’m unavailable.

      Tennile Fink

      Spend more than 5 second on Tennile’s blog looking through her images and you’ll see just how talented she is and why she’s one of the best Brisbane wedding photographers going around. Her skills have sent her all over the world to capture wedding’s not just in Queensland and her talent is pretty clear to anyone you could ask about the best wedding photographers on the circuit.

      Brisbane wedding photographers

      Stories By Ash

      Ash’s work is super beautiful too. She’s got a beautiful eye for detail and a real focus on the moments that matter. These are all things that I look for in great wedding photography. Meaning Ash absolutely gets a spot on my list of Brisbane’s best wedding photographers.

      Brisbane wedding photographers

      Heart & Colour

      Romantic, Modern, emotive & super timeless. Probably the first words that come to mind when I look at Heart & Colour’s photos. I’m a pretty relaxed guy but every time I see their images it just makes me want to buy a Rolex and put on a suit and feel as classy as their photos look.

      Brisbane wedding photographers

      I mean look at this ridiculous magic. Phil & Bek just turn everything they touch to gold. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

      Feather & Finch

      If you’re looking for a Bloke with a huge heart and a huge body. Who knows his way around a camera and has one of the deepest and most swoon voices to give you some tips while he’s standing behind it. Ryan is your guy. Creating really unique imagery for his clients and just being a generally wonderful human with a great attitude. You’ll do your self a big favour to have Ryan take care of your wedding photos.

      Sophie Baker

      I’ve been following Sophie’s work for years and year’s and she just keeps getting better and better. Sophie is one of the kindest and most hard working photographers around and you couldn’t hope for a much better photographer for your Brisbane wedding celebrations. Sophie will be your biggest cheer leader on the day as well as crafting amazing images for you to enjoy for generations to come.

      Fontaine Photo

      Jess really doesn’t deserve to be this far down any list of any kind. Sadly there’s a ton of talent to choose from when choosing a Brisbane wedding photographer. Jess is still in my opinion one of the most talented photographers in Australia. Her work is absolutely beautiful in every way. She’s not following any nasty trends or flavour of the month fads. When you get Jess you get timeless, magical, romantic images that will not date anywhere near as quick as the mullet, bolo tie combo you’re trying to convince your fiancé to let you get for the wedding.

      Brisbane wedding photographers


      Wedding photography isn’t really something you want to make a bad choice on for your wedding day whether you’re getting married in Brisbane or not. Wedding’s are the most special celebration many of us will ever have in life. And not only is it a special day, it’s a wildly expensive day. After you leave to go to the hotel room something sad and magical happens. Everyone leaves and the staff put everything thats leftover into a bin. All the cake that didn’t get eaten. All the flowers that are starting to wilt from all the heat on the dance floor. It all gets packed up or thrown away. Here’s a list of everything you get to keep from your wedding day.

      1. Your Spouse!
      2. A slice of cake for your first anniversary
      3. A dress you’ll never wear again

      May I highly suggest that you invest in an amazing relationship with your spouse. An amazing first anniversary to enjoy that cake with. You sell your dress on Still White. And you choose a wedding photographer who’s really going to capture all of those amazing memories so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime to come.


      My name’s Joshua Mikhaiel and I’ve been photographing weddings & elopements around Australia and the world for the past 8 years. If you’re looking for more tips for planning your big day, I’ve got a whole section of my website devoted to planning tips. You can find them all here.