My name is Joshua Mikhaiel and I am a professional third wheel / story teller. I’ve been pretty addicted to most forms of story since I was a kid. I used to grab a fistful of notebooks and just fill them with random imaginary stories and little illustrations with my favourite felt tip pen. Now I’ve got a camera and it’s like an extension of my own body to me now. It’s by far my story-telling tool of choice now.

If you’ve got a story you’d like captured whether it is a wedding day, or another love thats stood the test of time, a passion you have that you’d like me to document, your yearly family holiday down the coast.. or anything else. I will be there with bells on. (and a camera) not just to document and watch but to be as much a part of it as anyone else there. I will laugh cry and get down with whatever you’re up to because I believe that to really tell a story well you need to live it. You need to get inside the story and become a part of it if you really want to capture its truest essence. 

I’m into the details but probably not in the way you’d think. If you’re after someone who’s going to spend half an hour trying to find a cool way to copy a shot off Pinterest with your wedding dress in a window.. i’m so sorry. But I’m not your guy. If you want someone who’s going to hang your tiara off your wedding night lingerie and put it on top of a bed of roses and take 20 photos of it.. I’m not your guy. 

However… If you want me to be in the room when the real smiles come out, and the tears flow, and the wrinkles next to your eyes start creeping in.. If you want me to tell the real story, not just take some “pretty pictures” then thats exactly where I’ll be. I believe photographs are so so important. Not just as a window back to the moments that matter the most, but as a way of preserving those moments in a way that goes far beyond just reliving memories. I’ve been struck by a thought recently about the power of photos and in a way their purpose. Most of the people who see a photograph I’ve taken, of your wedding, your family, your trip, your art space.. whatever it is i’ve captured.. the majority of people who see that photo over time will not be people who were there to experience the moment from themselves. Think of all the people who haven’t been born yet, your children, friends you haven’t met yet the wonderful people who are yet to enter your life. I see my responsibility as a photographer as that of documenting these moments in a way which really transports people who weren’t even there right into your shoes and to make them feel as much of what if felt like to be there as humanly possible. I hope you feel that when you look at my images. That they make you feel something. I don’t care much for prettiness in pictures if i’m perfectly honest. I don’t think beauty is every really purely visual. And as much as photographs are about as visual as it gets the real beauty in them is that they can make you feel things. 

Thats always my goal. I want to create and craft images that make you feel things. 

Lets create something beautiful together!



Joshua Mikhaiel


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