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My name is Joshua and I’m a Gold Coast wedding photographer specialising in relaxed weddings & elopements in the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, tweed Coast & Byron Bay.

If you’re getting married anywhere in Australia and want more than just pretty pictures from your wedding photographer then I’d love to have a yarn.

Wedding photography to me is about so much more than just a few hundred photographs. Getting Married is HUGE! and amazing & so worth celebrating.

I want to give you a window back into the most special celebration you’ll ever have. A gift to remember the beauty of marriage in the hard times and the good.

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There’s an awful amount of cheese in the world of weddings, and while I myself often partake of a little too many wheels of Brie. I believed everyone should be able to choose the to skip the cheese for their wedding photographs. If you like me, think that your wedding pictures should be a cheese-free space. I so wholeheartedly welcome that. That’s exactly what I’m here for.

Am I the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast? I mean maybe? Who’s to say? But what I can say is I’m someone who throws their entire heart into your wedding day; not just the arm holding the camera. I go all in for my couples. I will give you every bit of my quirky self on your wedding day and before. I’ll be the guy running interference on that weird uncle who’s about to do something stupid right before the ceremony starts. I’ll be the guy climbing on your best mans shoulders to get the right angle at sunset and I will definitely be the guy giving out big hugs and hi fives after your ceremony. Because believe it or not after photographing 300 + weddings and elopements. I still love celebrating these amazing moments in people’s lives.

I firmly believe that me helping you squeeze every little bit of joy out of your wedding day is actually the best way I can create amazing photographs for you. The more fun you have, the better the photographs will be. I don’t care if you’re getting hitched on the top of a mountain on the scenic rim or overlooking a beach on the Gold Coast, if you’re not having the best time, the photos will be less than amazing. My job is really to bring my 10 years of experience at weddings to yours to help you celebrate every minute to the max and document what unfolds.


I’ve always had such an appreciation for the beauty of Australia’s rugged landscapes. Because of that I guess I’m inspired by the wild outdoors of this beautiful country and the love stories that inhabit them. I think I’m mostly drawn to rougher textures in my images. It feels more real somehow.

I think love is like that, and I think the location you choose for your wedding really acts like an extra character in the scene. Love is wild, it’s messy, it’s not easily contained or understood. I like to shoot in a way that portrays that through the images. So that the story has a texture of its own, wrapped up in who you are as people. I would hate to ever give you photos that were “pretty” but didn’t feel authentic to who you are as people.

In 2015 I was given the absolute honour of being named one of Rangefinder Magazine’s top 30 Rising stars in the world. Being named among some of my absolute hero’s was pretty crazy humbling. But also a cool signpost that choosing to ditch the traditional cheesy wedding photography and choose to tell stories in the way that was personal to me was working ok

My wife and I have just moved up to Queensland to start an exciting new chapter in our lives. And I’m super stoked to be able to start shooting more weddings along the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Toowoomba areas. I never expected to become a Gold Coast wedding photographer after so many years in NSW but love has a funny way of inviting us to take new leaps.



I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the beautiful land on which I am blessed to be able to run my business. The indigenous first nations peoples of Australia. I pay my respects to their elders, past, present and emerging.